Selling limits

Selling limits are designed to help you grow your business in a manageable way and ensure you can give your buyers great service. As you get more comfortable meeting buyer demand, we'll increase your limit.

You can always find your selling limit on Seller Hub, here's how:

  1. Go to the Overview tab of Seller Hub.
  2. Scroll down and find the Monthly limits section to view your current limit.

We'll review your account every month and adjust the limits automatically based on your volume of sales and the feedback you've received from buyers.

How to increase your selling limit

If your selling performance and sales metrics are strong, you may be able to have your limits increased – you can always check your performance in Seller Hub or in your Seller Dashboard.

When you're getting close to your monthly limit we'll send you a message to let you know. You can request a limit increase directly from within that message, or, you can request a limit by selecting Request a limit increase.

Sometimes after you request a limit increase, we'll need more information – contact or business details, for example. We'll email you with the specifics of what we need.

We want to help you to offer your customers a great experience when they shop with you, so we might end any listings that you have created over your existing limit. Don't worry though – you can list them again when your monthly allowance renews, or if you receive an increase in the amount that you can sell.

Remember too that Good 'Til Cancelled listings count towards your selling limits – these won't renew automatically if you've reached your maximum amount that you can list.

Category limits

If you're new to selling in a particular category, we might limit how much you can sell. This helps you manage your inventory more efficiently, and allows you time to understand any rules that may apply in that category.

When you're comfortable fulfilling your orders, and have a good track record with customers and with following our policies, most specific category limits will automatically be removed. However, other limits may apply depending on the categories you list in.

Items should always be listed in the correct category. If you've reached your monthly selling limit for a certain category, you shouldn't list items in the wrong one